Looking at Some Wireless Solutions for Installing Surround Speakers

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Running long speaker wires can be a hassle in some cases especially if you have hardwood flooring in your home. Fortunately, there are some solutions in the market which allow place of speakers without running wires. However, when using one of these wireless kits, keep in mind that the wireless receiver component usually requires to be plugged into an outlet. That means that these solutions are not really wireless.

brand-new wireless speakers

Several manufacturers have implemented wireless capabilities into their speakers. Alternatively, you can purchase a wireless rear speaker set which can be used with any type of speaker regardless of the brand. However, it usually is not necessary to have all speakers be wireless. In most cases, only rear speakers or side speakers in addition to the rear speakers will benefit from having a wireless feature. After all, keep in mind that you still have to plug each speaker into an outlet.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing wireless speakers for home theater setups. Bluetooth speakers typically have a fairly large latency which makes them useless for this application. Also, your AV receiver typically will not be able to stream the rear channels via Bluetooth. I would instead recommend going for one of these wireless kits. When installing the set, keep the location of the transmitter unit as well as the wireless receiver units fairly high. This will improve wireless reception and mitigate wireless interference. If you do experience wireless interference then the best option is to switch off other wireless devices which are nearby.

new-generation wireless speakers

We also can play with the channel setting if your wireless kit has such an option. In addition, I would eliminate any metal objects which might be located near each wireless unit. When purchasing a wireless set, pay attention to how much wattage the wireless receiver offers. This wattage should be a close match to the wattage a few other channels which your AV receiver supplies. However, we speakers can usually get away with having less wattage than the front speakers. After all, most of the audio will be played through the front speakers.

You might also want to experiment with sound bars. Sound bars have become popular lately because they simplify the set up of home theater speakers. Instead of purchasing separate speakers, you simply set up a single unit which usually is located on top of the television. However, the effectiveness of thought box depends a lot on the environment in which the sound bars located. It doesn’t work equally well for everybody.