Some Important Safety Tips for Audio Products

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Whenever you operate electronic equipment such as audio amplifiers, it is important to pay attention to safety. Keeping your kids safe is obviously crucial. But also yourself and your family will want to have peace of mind when running equipment. I will present some basic safety tips when running any sort of electronic product special focus to audio products.

First of all, make sure that the power cords of the equipment are not damage. Damage power cords are a hazard and exposed wire can cause a fire and also electric shock. Also, I always recommend plugging in your devices into a power strip which is connected to a power outlet that has a quick-acting fuse. If use can disconnect power in events of short-circuits and other problems.

Make sure never to block any heat vents of the equipment. Heat vents where designed in order to allow airflow through the equipment which would prevent overheating. Overheating can easily damage a product. If you do smell smoke or fume then unplug any device right away. Also, I recommend to check your equipment to make sure it doesn’t get hot to the touch. If equipment gets very hot then there’s a chance that it can get damaged.

When cleaning equipment, always unplug it first. If there is a chance that water can get inside the equipment doing the cleaning, it is crucial that there is no power inside the equipment. Water can easily cause a short circuit. If water does accidentally get inside the equipment, allow for enough time for it to dry out. I do not generally recommend opening up products. If you don’t have experience in repairing products, never attempt to service equipment yourself. Instead, refer any repair to an authorized facility.

If the fuse blows then replace it with the fuse it has the same rating as the original fuse. Otherwise you run the risk of overloading the device. Also, when connecting speakers to an amplifier, I recommend hiring of the amplifier. Sometimes the speaker cable can create a short circuit especially if both strands touch each other while you plucked the speaker cable into the speaker. After you have made the connection and verified that there is no short-circuit it is time to power on the equipment. After the power on the amplifier, turn the volume to a low setting. Afterwards you can gradually increase the volume.